Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I have to assemble my raised garden bed?

A. No, all of our raised garden beds come fully assembled and can easily be moved by one or two people, ensuring you can find the best position in your garden.

Q. How much soil do i need in my raised garden bed?

A. The amount of soil varies depending on the size of your garden bed, so just ask anyone at Empire for the correct amount and ways you can reduce these.

Q. Do your garden beds have sharp edges?

A. No,  the joins and rivets on our garden beds are covered with food grade silicone and the top edge has a heavy duty rubber moulding attached to protect your hands.

Q. Can I get non standard sizes?

A. Yes simply speak to us at Empire for a quote on a custom sized garden bed.

Q. Do you garden beds come with a warranty?

A. Yes, we provide a warranty on the quality steel we use to construct our garden beds.

Q. How much is delivery?

A. A delivery charge will be discussed when you get a quote or when placing your order.