Every vegetable grower understands that to enjoy a good crop it is vital to protect your plants from bad weather as well as attack by insects, birds and animals
GrowCover not only does this, but it does a lot more by creating its own micro-climate that encourages strong healthy growth and gives better and earlier cropping and does it brilliantly.


  • Promotes strong, healthy and vigorous seedling and plant growth.
  • Creates a micro-climate that reduces watering and evaporation loss.
  • Allows in air, rain and sunlight.
  • Protects from flying insects.
  • Protects from strong wind and hail.
  • Protects from light frost.
  • It has a low shade factor of 18%.
  • Is made from heavy duty polyethylene that is knitted so tears
    and accidental holes don't run.
  • Can be used over any type of frame.
  • Can be laid flat on the ground to promote seed germination.